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Color Chart
Asphalt Jungle Clothing Co.

This color chart is for Garment-Washed
Tees, Sport shirts and Sweat shirts ONLY!


Colors: 1-Moss Green, 2-Willow, 3-Washed Plum, 4-Smoke, 5-Western Sky, 6-Watermelon, 7-Perrywinkle, 8-Yam, 9-Poppy, 10-Spruced Teal, 11-Newport, 12-Slate, 13-Khaki Green, 14-Navy, 15-Putty, 16-Mustard, 17-Mocha, 18-Sunburst, 19-Herb, 20-Iris, 21-Crunchberry, 22-Chrome, 23-Buck, 24-Sage, 25-Denim, 26-Brick, 27-Black, 28-Carrot, 29-Fog, 30-Goldenrod, 31-Blue Granite, 32-Bay, 33-Nautical Red, 34-Blueberry, 35-Celery.

Also available in Standard Colors (Non-garment-dyed); White, Athletic Grey, Black.