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Asphalt Jungle Clothing Co.

Being outdoors just gotten better.  We want you to be comfortable year round.  So wear our fleece vest and quarter zip pullover for warmth and mobility.

AS619 - Switchback Microfleece Vest: Lightweight, brushed fabric non-bulkiness, anti pilling, warmth w/out weight.  Logos: (Embroidered Only) Trademark, Oval Script. Sizes: S-XXL.  Price: $ 43.00


AJS614 Gunnison Sport Fleece Vest: 280-gm, 100% spun polyester, fleece, mid-weight, brushed fabric provides warmth w/out weight or bulkiness, anti-pilling: Logos: (Embroiderd Only) Trademark and Oval Script.  Available Sizes: S-XXL.  Price: $45.00


AJS670 - Taos Microfleece Zip T-Neck: Warmth year round. mobility good for all activities. Layer with it. 180-gm 100% spun polyester, lightweight, brushed fabric provides warmth w/out bulkines, anti-pilling.  Logos: (Embroidered Only) Trademark and Oval script, w/ small oval A on left arm.  Sizes: S-XXL.  Price: $48.00


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