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About Us
Asphalt Jungle Clothing Co.

AJCCo. Overview

Asphalt Jungle Clothing Company was inspired by a group of young men and women that grew up in a neighborhood without accessible green parks, large grass ball fields or hardwood courts. These young athletes experienced a sporting lifestyle in an area where athletic activities are performed on the concrete, dirt and asphalt. Whether building a basketball court out of plywood and a bicycle rim or playing football in the street and stopping each time a car would drive through a game, these young men and women became a family and brought a neighborhood "together." Suffice it to say that I was one of these young men. I designed a clothing line around the active and unique sporting environment of which I grew up in. We at Asphalt Jungle Clothing Co. are driven to make our product highly functional, fashionable, and affordable. Our objective is to create quality clothing at fair prices, with a commitment to good friends who hold a passion for sports.

Jamie Norman


To order email: asphalt9@hotmail.com